Diane Timberlake, M.D. was born in Connecticut, raised in Edmonds, Wash., and ultimately attended Gonzaga “because the school was so generous with financial aid that it was an affordable option for my family,” she said. “I have always been extremely grateful to Gonzaga for being so generous to me and allowing me the opportunity to attend school there. That’s why I continue to stay involved with Gonzaga. I believe Gonzaga provides an excellent education and environment for growth.”

After graduating in biology, Diane attended and graduated from the University of Washington School of Medicine. She completed her residency training in Family Medicine at Providence Medical Center in Seattle, and earned a master’s degree in Bioethics at the University of Washington.

Diane has been a member of the Harborview faculty since 2000. She spends a great deal of time mentoring medical school students and teaching a course to all second-year medical students on Cases in Clinical Ethics.

In addition to teaching and mentoring medical students, Diane’s passions also include providing care for underserved populations, and ethics and professionalism in medicine. Diane serves on the Ethics Committee at Harborview and, when needed, works as an ethics consultant on cases or situations that present ethical challenges.

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