Brigadier General Joseph Caravalho (’79) lives by the Command Philosophy: KNOW your job and the environment within which you are operating; ACT with adaptability and accountability; DO serve others before self within high legal, moral and ethical standards; maintain balance and HAVE FUN!

After graduating from Gonzaga with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, Caravalho attended the Uniformed Service University of Health Sciences, where he earned his medical degree. He is also an Army ROTC Distinguished Military Graduate.

Caravalho, an Army Ranger and Special Forces Soldier, attributes the beginnings of his success to Brother Farrell, who, as a teacher at St. Louis High School in Hawaii, was the first mentor to tell Caravalho he could be anything to which he set his mind.

During his military career, Brigadier General Caravalho has had a number of assignments and held command on several occasions. Earlier in his clinical career, he served as a staff internist, nuclear medicine physician and cardiologist. He has earned numerous medals and badges, including the Distinguished Service Medal, Legion of Merit, Bronze Star, and Flight Surgeon and SCUBA Badges, just to name a few. He is currently stationed at Fort Belvoir, VA.

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